Our Delicious Story

Experience authentic Italian culture in Tobago! No travel necessary.

Superbly located on the road to Pigeon Point, our little gem is a unique fusion of restaurant and art gallery. Restaurant inspired by Fabrizio, a Swiss native from Ticino, that country’s Italian area. Art gallery inspired by Claire a Trinidad born artist who grew up in Canada. Start with a refreshing salad or crispy bruschetta. Then savor ‘sugo’ simmered to perfection and served over a hearty helping of pasta. Finish with an espresso and our tiramisu, the best on this side of the Atlantic. Come in. Relax while you take in the local art in our cozy trattoria atmosphere. Relish the simple art of good food.

Dine in / Take Away / Bar


Pasta dinner

Featured Starters


All Prices are in Trinidad & Tobago Dollars


Tomato Bruschetta

Toasted bread, with olive oil and garlic, chopped tomato and basil


House Salads

A hearty salad with greens, tomatoes, cucumbers,
carrots, olives, red onions, beans, capers,
beets, cranberries, red cabbage,
with an olive oil dressing Side order


Garlic Bread

Toasted bread, with olive oil and garlic


Entrée salad with garlic bread

$85 Salad only

$95 Chicken

$105 Shrimp

$105 Smoked Salmon

Pasta dinner

Featured Pasta Dinners


All Prices are in Trinidad & Tobago Dollars

Fettuccine with Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon in Alfredo sauce served over fettuccine


Fettuccine with Chicken Alfredo

Chicken and/or Bacon or Mixed Vegetables in a cream-based sauce served over fettuccine

$100 Chicken

$100 +Bacon

$105 Chicken & Veg

$105 Chicken & Bacon

$100 +Veg

Baked Meat Lasagna

Baked lasagne with Bolognese sauce (contains beef and bacon), cheese, and béchamel (no half portion available)



Chicken and/or Mixed Vegetables sautéed in olive oil, garlic, parsley in tomato sauce served over fettuccine


$95 Chicken

$95 Vegetable

$100 Chicken & Vegetable

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Bacon & Eggs mixed with parmesan and cream served over spaghetti


Classic Tomato Sauce with Spaghetti


Fettuccine with Shrimp (8 pcs)

Sautéed shrimp in tomato or Alfredo sauce served over fettuccine

$110 Marinara

$120 Alfredo

Mixed Seafood - Spaghetti ai frutti di mare

Mixed seafood (squid,octopus,mussels,shrimp) in tomato or Alfredo sauce served over spaghetti or fettuccine

$120 Alfredo

$110 Marinara

Fettuccine Alfredo

Cream-based sauce served over fettuccine



*All Pasta topped with parmesan cheese except for seafood dishes*

Gluten Free Pasta


Whole Wheat Pasta


Extra Sauce Marinara






Extra Vegetables






Extra Chicken or Bacon


Extra Shrimp (4 pcs)


Salmon / Mixed Seafood


Extra Parmesan Cheese


Extra Olives


Gelato -Dark Chocolate and many more flavors


Lemon Sorbet






Exotic Fruit Punch

Italian Beer - Menabrea

100% Organic Mango Smoothie

Water (0.5 Lt.) – 10.00

 Mineral water sparkling (1Lt.) – 35.00 / (0.5 Lt.) – 25.00

Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite / Ginger Ale – 12.00

LLB / Shandy – 15.00

Juices – 15.00 / Fresh fruit juices – 25.00

Espresso – 20.00 / Extra milk – 5.00

Enjoy !!!
For same day reservations please call (868)727 8200

They All Love Our Food

Here’s what our customers say.

"This place is amazingggg!!! Their prices are well priced, the food is delicious and very fulfilling... I love their seafood pasta 😍😍😍 I’m definitely coming again during my next trip to Tobago!"
- Mag Ham
"Food was delicious. My children and I loved it. The service was wonderful! Will definitely be back."
- Kymoy Malchan
"great service terrific food really an amazing experience 💯💯💯💯 5 stars"
- Kevaughn Turner
"The customer service was the best I ever had. Last night they made my order even tho they were about to close. I felt as if my family was handling me... The pasta was rich satisfying... "
- Dheeresh Bhooshan